terror inpodnito

Welcome to Terror InPodnito

We cover all things horror and how it relates to the pop-culture zeitgiest. Be entertained, be intrigued, but most of all be warned...


Stay awhile and listen, unless you're too scared...


Let your hosts Palmer, Alex, and, on occasion, Sam guide you through the terrifying world of horror as we analyze fan-favorite genre pieces throughout the years. We'll cover films, games, books, TV shows, and more as we attempt to slice, dice, and tenderize some meaty chunks of horror for your listening pleasure.


Palmer exists to bring a certain level of snobbery to the podcast. When the others are hellbent on actually enjoying themselves he is steadfast in his ability to remain high-brow. He's a Cronenberg enthusiast and lover of schlock exploitation. If it's foreign and has tons of gore, chances are it was his idea to talk about it.


Alex adds a touch of class. In spite of the amount of alcohol she consumes on a weekly basis, she emerges as the feminine voice that grounds the overwhelmingly male horror perspective. She appreciates full bush, overflowing glasses of vodka, Joe Dante and the original Halloween film. What more do you need?


Sam only shows up to take Alex's side and antagonize Palmer. After a guest spot went horribly right, he joined the podcast full-time, but maintains a zero responsibility policy and treats it like a captive locked in a basement. A lover of camp and comedy, any quirky horror film will probably leave him excitedly drooling with too little time in his day to rave about it.

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